Naan Bread Pizza

by thesoulfultraveler


I have been making these Pizza’s for a while now and finally after many request for something so simple and fun I acquiesced. There are several recipes that you can use and I have a few…but for this recipe I will show you the “Rustic”…I call it that because of the few ingredients needed and we all have them at home.

Naan Bread, Chopped Black Olives, Hamburger, onions, sour cream, Spiced Tomatoes, Olive oil Sharp and Vermont white cheddar cheese. (Simple)..

Place the Naan bread on a sheet tray or pizza Stone. Brown the Hamburger and add seasonings that fit your taste. (spicy, Italian, Creole and so on) Shred the cheese, slice the onion and drain the can of tomatoes. Once the prep is done (about 10 minutes) you are ready to start building your Naan Bread pizza.

Start with spreading a generous amount of sour cream on the Naan Bread, followed by cheese, Hamburger, spiced tomatoes, sliced onion and more cheese. Place in a 375 degree oven for about fifteen minutes….melt, brown and serve. Enjoy with a friend.